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The Volatile Bomb and Hawk Helm both work well with the Archer sub-role, allowing you to maximise your ranged attacks in critical situations. Pairing the Volatile Bomb with ranged attacks that stun or immobilise can double their effectiveness and turn a really bad situation into a really good one, if you can go before the enemy.

Finally, the Tower Shield and Studded Leather can improve your survivability, allowing you to stay close the the action for the Melee Summons role, or to protect your ranged summons. Level 5 is another pile of acceptably mediocre items, with one exception. The Ring of Haste allows you to play an extra Bottom action at the end of your turn. At class Level 4 and Level 9 you gain access to some truly great Bottom actions that allow you to activate multiple summons for an attack.

With the Ring of Haste you can play these abilities at critical moments to put out terrifying amounts of damage, on top of your usual actions and those of your summons. Pair this with the Empowering Talisman to use this twice per scenario for two massive turns of burst damage. Level 6 is another fantastic one for the Summoner. The Boots of Quickness "Quickness" is apparently better than "Speed" allow you even more control over your initiative, and can let you outspeed more enemies, with more certainty, or to play slower actions while still ensuring your summons get to act before the enemy.

The Pendant of Dark Pacts is another powerful choice for the class, allowing you to recover small items with summoning abilities on them and use them twice per scenario. Alternatively you can Recover the Ring of Haste for three whole turns of summon burst damage madness per scenario! Stun is just a good choice in almost any scenario and can save you and your summons from pain and death. Scenario 31 Treasure 69 Spoiler click to reveal. Robes of Summoning. The robes allow you to Heal a summoned ally for 2 HP.

This can be occasionally useful for the higher health summons, or against enemies with lower attacks that may not instantly kill your summons. Scenario 34 Treasure 23 Spoiler click to reveal.

Drakescale Armour. This makes you immune to Posion and Wound, common conditions especially at higher difficulty levels, allowing you to stay alive longer and take hits instead of your summoned allies. Scenario 82 Treasure 62 Spoiler click to reveal. Mountain Hammer. If you have two free hand slots then this is another instant buy or keep.


The summoned ally is slightly stronger than others summoned through items, and if you work it hard through ability cards granting attacks, can do some very good damage before dying. Let me know what you think of this guide - any comments, questions, corrections or suggestions are welcome and may even be acted upon.

Dan Baker. Gabriel Rockman. Nice guide. A couple of thoughts: 1 Summoning late, then going early next turn is usually not the way I would recommend playing it, at least with melee summons.

Better is to summon them out of the way maybe even behind you and go late again the second turn, then early the third turn. I think I actually got a benefit out of them twice in total playing the class from L3 to L8. That really extends its useful life.

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Sean McCarthy. Daniel Cabrera. You left out my favorite sequence: Summon Thornshooter one turn Summon Shadow Wolves the next turn Then for as long as you can keep the Shadow Wolves alive, they play right after the Thornshooter, and almost always attack a poisoned target because they follow the same target selection AI. Thanks for the guide, and I'm totally with you on the Summoner being underappreciated. There's something that's not working right about analyzing cards only in how well they fit these 4 "roles". This is particularly prominent when it comes to your ratings of movement cards.

You rated Mighty Bond and Bonded Might identically, and gave them zero stars for archer and support. And yet one of them is a move 4 jump, while the other one is a card that you probably only want in scenarios that require loot actions. I'd say the move 4 jump is the main benefit of the card!

You gave Earthen Steed 4 stars for summon builds, and 0 stars for others. This is truly baffling to me. I can understand giving it a marginally higher rating for a "ranged summons" role, because in that plan you are playing Thorn Shooter and so can't use it as a move 5. But all this card does if you're not kidding yourself about the top half, which it didn't seem like you were is move 5 jump at initiative That is just plain strong especially for a class that has scant low-initiative cards, and spends a lot of turns standing still to perform some non-move bottom action , and it's not really related to what role you're pursuing.

But also, I feel like these something off about the categories you chose in general. I think I would have gone with something like: Damage Crowd control Positioning Tanking The Summoner's main problem is that it sucks if your summons die, so your primary concern is how to prevent that.

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These four categories represent the 4 ways you might choose to deal with it and obviously you're usually doing a combination of them. In this rubric you can see the reasons for certain cards working or not working together better. Melee summons are terrible at positioning, so including other strong positioning cards like Ethereal Vines or Earthen Steed is not as strong with them. Ranged summons are terrible at tanking, so giving them shield or disadvantage to attackers is not that useful. The ratings are intended more to show the differences between the card's usefulness for a specific role rather than as an arbitrary overall card rating.

That type of thinking belongs more in the "build exactly like this" style of guides. Rasmus JN. Not sure if this is allowed, but enhancing "any mana" to the Thorn Shooter's attack could be cool. Since I imagine I'll want to have thorn shooter out a LOT, and it's got enough range to hang back and survive, I'd get a mana of my choice for many rounds. And also good for my teammates.

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