The Shamans Game (Charlie Moon Series)

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Charlie Moon Series

Charlie Moon mysteries volume 5. I really enjoyed The Shaman's Game. James D. Doss is not a writer with whom I was familiar and had to go to a specialist crime bookshop to find his book and then only one , which suggests that he may not be published in the UK. He was worth the effort. The Shaman's Game is the fourth book in the Charlie Moon series.

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Interestingly my copy says it is the fourth in the Shaman series. As Daisy Perika, detective Charlie Moon's aunt, is the shaman in the title this suggests there may have been a shift in the emphasis in the series. The balance between the two main characters in this book is pretty equal.

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This is in some ways indicative of the balance one finds in the genre between magic and realism. Charlie approaches the deaths of the sun dancers as a rational detective, looking for evidence and believing in rational answers. Daisy thinks he is ignoring the spirit world.

James Doss

There is a loving, if not always respectful, rivalry between the two. But the characters are more complex than that. Daisy may be the shaman, but she will back up her magic with practical plans to ensure the result she wants. But lately Death has been an uninvited guest at the hallowed rite. Ute tribal policeman Charlie Moon is puzzled.

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The deceased Sun Dancers sustained no visible, life-ending injuries, so he is reluctant to call it murder -- though there is surely nothing "natural" about the sudden, inexplicable deaths of two strong and healthy men. Unlike her skeptical nephew, however, Charlie's aunt, shaman Daisy Perika, trusts the signs the spirits have sent her of a great evil in their midst. And Moon's matukach friend, Police Chief Scott Parris, believes the stubborn, good-natured Ute lawman should look beyond the rational for answers.

Yet Charlie Moon knows too well that hatred, bitterness, and delusion are often behind lethal acts -- and he hopes these very human failings will reveal to him a killer.