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They were both so multi-faceted, and I was drawn into their story from page one. The science and technical part of this was. But it was still very interesting, and I found myself asking "what if? The romance was excellently done. Very low-key and clean, which made me very happy. The love triangle irked me a bit, mostly because I fel This was actually a lot different than I expected.

The love triangle irked me a bit, mostly because I felt terrible for the second guy, lol! My one critique would be that it was very longgggg, and slightly anticlimactic. I kept expecting something terrible to happen to one of the characters, but. It did definitely climax, but it was a bit lackluster.

And the length. At nearly pages, this is a beast. Cutting out a couple of parts would have been helpful in getting the story moving on a little better. All in all, a very enjoyable read! View all 9 comments. Dec 01, Tarah rated it did not like it. If I had to describe this book in one word it would be, "Boring. You have no idea how much I wanted to like this book. I kept slogging through hoping it would get better. It never did.

How they operate, what they do, what life is like in the Navy while on one of them. But you don't discover these facts through the story. They are just laid out like, "Oh, I have all this research that I need to lay out for peo If I had to describe this book in one word it would be, "Boring. They are just laid out like, "Oh, I have all this research that I need to lay out for people".

If you like submarines, boy this will be a good book for you. Gina wants to get married really bad, and she now has two great guys wanting to marry her and she still doesn't get it. She's so smart she almost can't function it seems. Plus, what's with all the security around her?

Yes, I understand why they said it was necessary in the book. It was mentioned multiple times, but why? It had no bearing on the book at all. She was never kidnapped, or hurt, or even sought after by people who would harm her. Just a lot about how she was at risk and needed security. Let's look at the great guys for a minute. Now, normally I love when the guys are great in a novel.

I'm not one for the rebel type character. But boy, both of these guys were so great they were completely unreal. Neither one would fight for Gina, they were both, "Whoever she picks is going to be lucky, and I'll still be friendly and nice and not hurt at all. Did I mention there is no conflict in this book either? No climax. Nothing happens. She discovers great things, both men and her brother go off to sea, even when a war almost breaks out, it doesn't and nothing happens.

In fact, every time the story started to get interesting the author would skip the interesting part and the next thing I knew it was "two weeks later" and the interesting part was over with nothing to show for it. Content wise it is squeaky squeaky clean. Even the kissing that took place was boring. Would I buy this? Would I recommend this? Shelves: christian-romance , failure-to-launch , life-is-too-short , , nothing-special-here , once-is-enough , failure-to-care , partly-skimmed , please-edit-this-book , christian.

I'm a good choice.


When you find there are none of your must-not-haves and all of your must-haves, it's time to say yes. I love you. And I'm confident you'll love me well in return if you let yourself take the step. Say yes and marry me. Your doubts are real, but they won't survive first contact with reality. You need me. I want you as my wife. There are worse reasons to get married. And getting married now could be a good buffer for you.

You could say 'See my husband about that' when the questions start coming. I can tell the Navy to go through me on any concerns, that I have the authority to speak for you. You'll find life is a lot easier--maybe even happier--if you marry me before this goes any further. My best one. Then I'll let this topic drop, I promise. I'm older, I've been married before.

But the 'content', those characteristics you're looking for, are what you want. We share a deep faith in God, a strong work ethic, a sense of ambition, alongside a personal life that is quiet and, for the most part, peaceful. We have a willingness to be open with one each other--a verbal intimacy, if you will--a desire to listen and share what we're thinking and feeling.

Blah blah you have a pretty smile "I'm a good risk, Gina. Take a leap and make the decision that your future is with me. Trust me, trust the fact that I love you. I'm not asking you to have everything sorted out and not have any doubts. I don't need that from you. What I need, what I think you need, is a yes. Those quotes above should give a pretty giant indication of exactly what I mean.

See, I'm all for the guy realizing that he loves the girl, that she is the one, before the girl comes to the realization that she loves the guy. I like this trope and, actually, it happens all the time. But this was horrible. Mark comes to the realization that he loves Gina months and months before they even start dating.

In fact, she's dating someone else and he's all, "Crap. I should have asked her out when I had the chance. He's interested in pursuing a relationship. And when exactly did he go from that to, essentially, tricking her into dating him when she's still dating Daniel, begging her not to get engaged till after he got back off-duty, and proposing marriage as more a best-case scenario "This would be useful" kind of deal?? He could see that his talk of marriage, and actually dating, was worrying her; upsetting her, and yet he wouldn't give it a rest until far far after he should have.

If he actually loved her, he would shut up, back off, and let her come to her own decision, without his nagging and begging. Instead, it feels like he talks about him loving her and how great their life would be together that she just, all too conveniently, starts to believe it too? I don't even know. It was weird.

And, weirdly, besides the fact that Mark was waaay too insistent, he was "perfect". Like, no flaws. Gina didn't have any either. Neither did Daniel, for that matter. Him and Mark were totally chill about moving in on the others' girl, so long as they did it slow like. They had "man-code" or some shite, so may the best man win, we'll still be friends no matter who she picks, etc abounded.

Except I have a brother and I know that's not really how it works. Thankfully, the Christian element was not heavy-handed. A few prayers here and there, but none of the preachy stuff. As far as plot went, it was so boring, I could have probably watched "Arrow" on pause and been more interested. This was a nearly page book with almost nothing happening. Even when I thought something exciting or dangerous might happen in the last pages, there was still nothing.

I'm not sure I want to even bother checking out any forthcoming works. Really pathetic and not worth the read. View all 4 comments. Mar 18, Kristine Morgan rated it really liked it. Dee Henderson is one of my all time favorite authors, so any book she writes is automatically on my TBR list. I eagerly awaited Undetected and while I liked the book , I did not love it. Undetected is about Gina Gray, a genius sonar scientist and Mark Bishop, submarine commander and brother of Bryce Bishop from Unspoken.

I loved their romance, but feel the story lacked Dee's usual suspense. She seems to be going in a new direction with her books. If the book had been by a new author I think I wo Dee Henderson is one of my all time favorite authors, so any book she writes is automatically on my TBR list. If the book had been by a new author I think I would have enjoyed it more. I will probably read it again without the expectation of suspense and thereby enjoy the characters. I believe once I get used to Dee's new style, I will look forward to reading her books with just as much anticipation as always.

My advice is to read Undetected with an open mind. May 16, Kathleen Friesen rated it liked it. I wanted to love this book. However, as I slogged through paragraph after paragraph of fine detail about submarines and their workings, I had to wonder. Was this really written by a woman? Very analytical with emphasis on settings rather than characters. The plot was laid out well, despite what I thought was too many unnecessary details. The only tense scene was tense enough. The male characters were honorable gentlemen, even while courting the same woman. But as a romantic suspense, it disappointed me.

So with a heavy heart, I give Undetected three stars. I was given an e-copy of this book in exchange for my honest opinion. View 2 comments. Sep 10, K. Weiland rated it really liked it. The book is beautifully structured, and Henderson does an awesome job pacing out both the tense military stuff and the leisurely romance, so that it all fits together perfectly in the end.

Worth the read for anyone who has enjoyed past Henderson books. View 1 comment. Dee Henderson has such a way with words, with people and dialog. And her research? I have no idea if all the sonar theories or underwater tests explained in this book are even plausible, but my, was it fascinating.

Most of my brothers were in the Navy, so I was interested, but we're all claustrophobic so submarines are scary. Getting beyond that and focusing on the story was a delight. Gina was tired of failed relationships, and wanted to be married. It took a while for Mark to realize Gina was perfect for him, he even encouraged a relationship with another man Daniel and gave her great dating advice. But once he realized he was falling for her, he seemed sensitive to her, carefully giving her another romantic option.

His pushiness irritated me. The other thing that bothered me was how perfect the two men were in many ways. Mark never discouraged her friendship or closeness with Daniel except to constantly ask her to marry him. Neither man ever acted the least competitive or jealous and maintained perfectly friendly and businesslike relationships with each other. They both wanted her to choose themselves, but had no intention of dissuading her from the other. It was unrealistic. Even a little jealousy has to rear its head.

Ah well. I liked a lot about Mark, especially his relationship with the Lord, just wish he had been less pushy. This book followed two other books about damaged women. In Undetected , Gina's perhaps cautious with her heart, but not damaged, per se. She's gifted beyond belief. Started college at fourteen, earned six advanced degrees and at twenty-one her first PhD. It was nice to read about such a brilliant yet sensitive woman.

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Good book. Jun 09, Denise Hershberger rated it really liked it. Dee Henderson is probably my all time favorite author and whenever a new book of hers is out I get so excited! Undetected was just as brilliant as all of her other books but it was also new and exciting with a whole new background: submarines! I love it when an author continues in their writing style that us readers have come to love but also continues to find ways to write intriguing stories without writing the same old story over and over.

Henderson never disappoints. You can certainly read Unde Dee Henderson is probably my all time favorite author and whenever a new book of hers is out I get so excited! You can certainly read Undetected as a stand alone novel but I would suggest reading Unspoken first. Undetected is an amazing story of a woman, Gina, who fairly effortlessly keeps coming up with ways to help the Navy keep their submariners safer She is brilliant but also a workaholic. She knows the research and development she works on will save lives so she has a hard time taking a break.

Meanwhile her brother's best friend, Mark, is also a submariner and just happens to be the first person Gina tells about her latest research. He agrees to help her get subs underwater to help her test her theories before he leaves for his next submerged patrol. Just like all other Dee Henderson books you don't really wonder who will end up with who but she sure does keep you guessing as to the when and how of the relationship.

This book kept you guessing in that area more than some of her others and I loved it. I am also thrilled that yet again she seamlessly included strong personal relationships with Christ in her characters. She also always includes a lot of prayer times for her characters. You cannot read this book without knowing that Dee desires all people to grow closer to God and also strengthen their prayer lives. This book is perfect for you if you enjoy romance, suspense, or military fiction.

This book was provided to me by the publisher, Bethany House, in exchange for my honest review. Apr 24, Katherine Wacker rated it did not like it. And he is good at his job. But when his tour of duty ends, he would like to have someone waiting for him at home…. Gina Gray is on the rebound again. Her dream of marriage seems farther from reality as her latest relationship has fallen through and she is left to pick up the pieces…alone.

Too smart for her own good, she is on the verge of a discovery that could revolutionize warfare, but she needs help before it turns her world upside down. Will she get it? And will she ever find someone who loves her for who she really is? This book had potential. Within the first few pages, the settings are wonderfully described.

However, the rest of the book came up woefully short. Neither character matured or changed. One would think Mark, a military man, would be more masculine and reserved. However, he is annoying and unrealistic. He speaks too freely about his feelings to those under him. In his relationship with Gina, Mark is syrupy, emotive, and condescending.

Rather than being chivalrous, he is pushy and preachy in places. The plot line is poorly constructed and predictable. The romantic angle is overplayed, and there is not enough military suspense. Undetected is hard to get through, and, unfortunately, I cannot recommend it. I have read better books by Dee Henderson and look forward to more in the future. I was given a free copy from the publisher in exchange for my honest review Apr 29, Emily rated it it was amazing Shelves: romantic-suspense , contemporary-christian-romance.

Beautiful, beautiful book; full of exquisite detail. I will add this disclaimer before going on: this book is not for everyone. Going on. I'm utterly in awe of it all, and now, fascinated. I want to know more. Dee Henderson obviously does her research, and does it well. I wouldn't be surprised if, like Gina, she has a book budget, and out of 12 books, finds her information from 1 or 2, but still keeps buying more and more. This is Beautiful, beautiful book; full of exquisite detail. This is what I think will inevitably turn people off, though.

I know of several Dee-readers that won't enjoy this book, because it goes so far into the technical side of Gina's and Mark's lives. That was a huge bonus for me, however, as I enjoy delving into topics such as these. From the suspense angle, this is not a typical Dee Henderson. It did not have me on the edge of my seat. It was less plot-driven than usual Dee fare, but this book had me completely engrossed. She carefully constructed their world, and I found myself becoming a part of it. The characters pulled the story at an even pace. I adored Gina and Mark. All of the characters, actually.

Mark could be a little pushy at first, but I really enjoyed getting to know his character. Multi-layered person. I would have liked a few more chapters from Gina's perspective, as she was very interesting. I would have liked to learn a little more about her past. I realize though, that Dee often brings her characters around more than once, and there is another Bishop brother, so May 09, Melissa rated it liked it Shelves: adult-books , adult-christian. There is something about Dee Henderson's writing that I both love and love to hate.

Love: She writes a richly detailed contemporary romance that is neither hot and heavy, nor solely focused on the romance. Her characters live full, "interesting" lives as they develop a relationship and fall in love. Undetected is no exception. Gina is a strong female character who makes ground breaking scientific discoveries as easily as the rest of us eat breakfast. Mark is a protective male with a fulfilling Na There is something about Dee Henderson's writing that I both love and love to hate. Mark is a protective male with a fulfilling Naval career on a nuclear submarine.

The reader learns a lot about day-to-day operations on such a submarine. Over the course of the book, Gina makes several discoveries that both draw the two together and affect Mark's working life. Irritants: Words are over used. How many things were "interesting" and how many times were things "offered"? Plus, Mark is entrusted with part of the launch code for nuclear weapons, but his brother won't initially tell him who Charlotte is? Come on. Having read her other titles, I expected there to be more of a suspense element than there was, but it was still an enjoyable story.

Nov 29, Victoria Lynn rated it really liked it.

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May 01, Deb Haggerty rated it it was amazing. Undetected by Dee Henderson kept me glued to its pages until I finished it. What a book! The hero of the story is Commander Mark Bishop, of the U. The heroine is Gina Gray, a brilliant mathematician with a bad record of relationships who moves from Colorado after a bad break-up to Bangor where her brother, Jeff, is stationed as C.

I found myself rooting for her and wondering what she would do next. I guarantee you will have a much greater appreciation for our submarine forces after you finish the book. May 26, Joanie Bruce rated it it was amazing. I was impressed with the research Ms. Henderson must have done to accurately portray the background information for this story, including submarine techniques, procedures and language. Her research confirming facts surrounding our national defense, protocol in the event of nuclear threats, and proactive techniques that would stay on top of the defense for our nation was unequaled.

What I loved: Seeing into the minds and emotions of the characters made them come alive. They had authentic struggles for their personality traits that made their emotional reactions believable. As a reader, I sympathized with each struggle and cheered for the outcome. And, of course, I enjoyed the romantic sub-plot and the uncertainty of whether Mark and Gina would end up together in spite of the difference in their ages. Although the technical descriptions were accurate, sometimes they almost bogged the story down and took away the light feeling a person craves when reading a book for pure enjoyment.

Ultimately, I loved this book. If I could give it more than five stars, I would. On the other hand, I have no connection with the military, and I loved it anyway. I highly recommend this book to anyone. May 01, Sheri rated it really liked it Shelves: romantic-suspense , inspirational-romance. I grew up watching Glenn Ford and Clark Gable command submarines. I loved those sub movies.

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And I loved all the sub life. I have no idea if the world of the submariner was represented accurately by the author. It felt accurate. I really liked the characters and the plot.

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The book is an inspirational romance. I read a fair sampling of these, but found this one different. The book goes all the way through a relationship. They fall in love, they get married. I mean, none. They think about being in love, say they're in love, even kiss, but they never have a single physical manifestation of feeling love, of being attracted, of feeling desire. This is just how this author does it.

And I guess her readers like the story told that way. I'd like a little sexual tension thrown in there. For me, it would have taken the book to a whole 'nother level. I did enjoy the book, though. It made me want to search for more submariner books! Dec 16, Lonnie rated it it was amazing. Wow, I feel like I just completed a crash course on the Navy and how it functions.

I can't imagine the amount of research the Dee had to do to give us so much concise details. It was fascinating to learn about the in and outs of a ballistic missile submarine. I just wish Dee had a note, like Dan Brown puts in the front of his books especially his early science books dealing with NASA and the NSA , telling us what's factual in ocean science research. Because now I want to know if the Navy really Wow, I feel like I just completed a crash course on the Navy and how it functions.

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