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Which is pretty much a guarantee to win me over. Kirpus: This thing is perhaps the weirdest creature in the book — which is saying something.

Which is and of itself makes them a great accidental or innocent antagonist. Nychthemeron: A bizarre creature whose attitude towards other life forms ranges from murderously psychotic, to pretty friendly — based on the time of day it is. This can be either extremely horrific or hilarious depending on how you run your game. Stellar Weaver: Giant spider looking things, composed of the very void of space itself. These things hunger for living flesh and are perhaps the most dangerous creature in the Ninth World.

If your GM throws one at you, just run. Valma: An extremely bi-polar automaton whose curiosity about the world and gushing friendship towards everyone it meets can easily turn into a violent rage if rejected or snubbed. These are just a few of the wondrous and potentially deadly creatures The Ninth World Bestiary hold for you.

Tags: cypher system , Numenera. He has since retired from writing, but clearly shows up now and again.

Tabletop Review: The Ninth World Bestiary (Numenera)

He has worked in video game journalism since and was also a paid consultant for Konami and The Pokemon Company. Your email address will not be published. Now Trending: Unboxing: Shadowrun Sixt Review: Yakuza Kiwami Review: Yakuza 6: The So And all of it is interesting, usually weird, sometimes creepy—and often very, very dangerous. The Ninth World Bestiary 3 brings over new, lavishly illustrated Ninth World creatures and characters to life. Innovative features such as size comparison diagrams, one-creature-per-page layout, and heavy cross-referencing make this book a joy to use, whether at the game table or while prepping your adventures.

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The creatures of Numenera are no different—and the Ninth World Bestiary 2 gives you over new ones to populate your campaign. Creatures undreamt of by even the most experienced pursuer of the numenera: the huge, burrowing mimus; the six-mouthed jreet; the mirror-faced cyclic raider; and many, many more.

This book includes: Over new creatures to populate your campaign.


An extensive index of all creatures from products across the Numenera game line. Random encounter tables for creatures from this book, the Ninth World Bestiary, and the Numenera corebook. Random tables to generate new creatures on the fly.

Useful insights on the behaviors, beliefs, and relationships of Ninth World creatures. Home Back to Results. SW Shrink Wrapped.

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