Recent Advances in Actinide Science (Special Publications)

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Halomonas sp. Ozaki et al.

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The amounts of organic carbon exuded from C. A similar tendency was observed for Halomonas sp. These imply that exudates from bacteria enhance the mobility of actinides and lanthanides.

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These results suggest that halophilic bacteria have different sorption sites for actinides from non-halophilic bacteria. As mentioned above, exudates from microorganisms reduce the sorption of Eu III by bacteria. Naturally occurring chelating substances also have the potential to reduce the sorption of actinides and lanthanides by forming complexes in the environment.

Recent Advances in Actinide Science (Special Publications)

Siderophores, produced by microorganisms, access insoluble cations and form complexes, not only with Fe but also with actinides, causing their solubility to increase. Yoshida et al. Sorption of Th IV on P. No DFO was sorbed on P. These facts indicate that pH dependence of adsorption density of metal ions on cells is dominated by the stability of the metal-DFO complexes.

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Pseudomonas fluorescens cell suspensions 1. L-1 in the suspensions were incubated for 30 minutes in 10 ml of 0. On the contrary, no Ce anomaly in the sorption was distinguished in the solution with hydroxylammonium. Adding hydroxylammonium reduced the tetravalent Ce in the complex to its trivalent form and erased the Ce anomaly Fig.

Soils and subsoils are composed of abiotic and biotic components, principally minerals and bacteria. It is therefore important to elucidate the role of microorganisms on the accumulation of actinides in such mixtures. Various mixtures of bacteria and the koalinite were exposed to solutions of 8x M and 4x M-U VI in 0. After 48 h, the mixtures were separated from the solutions by centrifugation, and treated with a 1 M CH3COOK for 24 h to determine the associations of U within the mixture.

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  5. The accumulation of U by the mixture increased with an increase in the amount of B. However, in the presence of B. These results suggest that the bacteria have a higher affinity for U than the kaolinite clay mineral under the experimental conditions tested, and that they can immobilize significant amounts of uranium.

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    The presence of actinides U, Np, Pu, Am , organic- cellulose, plastics, rubber, chelating agents and inorganic- nitrate and sulfate compounds in transuranic TRU and mixed wastes are a major concern, because of their potential for migration from the waste repositories and contamination of the environment. My Orders. Engineering Books. Actinide elements and their chemistry have a significant number of applications.

    Bringing together contributions from the leading experts in the field, Recent Advances in Actinide Science covers six main topicsAnalysis, the environment and biotransformationsCoordination and organometallic chemistryHeavy elementsNuclear fuels, materials and waste formsSeparations and solution chemistrySpectroscopy, magnetism and superconductivity Covering a wide range of research from pure academic studies to applied industrial science and technology, this book distils the knowledge and achievements gained in actinide science over the last four years.

    This high level book is aimed at researchers, both industrial and academic, and provides a comprehensive overview of the current status of actinide science. Return Policy.